“Back pain is gone”

Another Uber Shape Success Story

coach coby pointing fingers at smiling Bas holding a whiteboard with progress information
  • Name:


  • Starting Weight:

    92.5 kg

  • Starting Body Fat:


  • Age:


  • Milestone Weight:

    84.9 kg

  • Milestone Body Fat:


  • I feel healthier and more agile. My energy levels are up. I’m waking up early in the morning with no fatigue. My back pain is gone. I’ve lost over 7kg weight – mostly in the abdomen area which is a major health risk for males. I’ve proven to myself that I can run regularly and enjoy it. Thanks Coby, Kylie and Corey. You guys are legends.

    What was your goal?

    I wanted to demonstrate that my fitness goals were achievable and by having the right support and guidance I could focus both on exercise and nutrition to better my health.

    Why did you choose Ubershape?

    Previous challenge participants spoke highly of it. Also liked the fact it was based on nutrition and health outcomes that were individualised to our own goals - rather than being a focus on appearance or weight. I’ve also been a member for a year and loved the supportive environment that the coaches and trainer have helped create.