“Massive Changes”

Another Uber Shape Success Story

Bec on a stationary bike with coach Kylie next to her smiling and holding up a sign about having lost 7 kilos
  • Name:


  • Starting Weight:

    85.6 kg

  • Age:


  • Milestone Weight:

    76.2 kg

  • Dropped some kilo’s, gained fitness & feel mentally/physically better

    What was your goal?

    Weight Loss / Strength & to feel better about myself again.

    Why did you choose Ubershape?

    Our daughter had recently started with fit kids and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do something for myself.

    Uber Shape’s Summary

    Bec first came to us for strength work for herself and Macy, her 10-year-old daughter, to support their triathlon events. Bec took it a step further and ended up starting with us on our 8-week challenge. Without knowing anyone and learning so many new lifts and how to do it correctly, it was a massive change for her. However, Bec followed her plans, sent me all her food so we could make changes, showed up to every seminar and stuck to it 90% of the time.

    Physically her changes were massive, she was dropping just under a kilo a week, and body fat was turning into muscle as her shape was transforming. Bec lost a massive 7 kilos in total, plus increased speed on her bike. Over her two weeks off the challenge, she continued on the plan 70% with the exception of a four day holiday and weighed in for a new number of just under 9 kilos down in total. A big well done Bec on learning habits for life, that even without a coach checking on her. Her new lifestyle she could continue on and keep getting results.

    Bec resigned back up to our stage 2 part of our 8-week challenge, called keep winning program. Keep winning is only offered to 8-week challengers from the last challenge, that no longer require the seminars, but still want a coach to check in with fortnightly for fat testing and weigh in's and contact with the coach when needed. We look forward to seeing where the next 8 weeks takes Bec!