“Body shape has changed”

Another Uber Shape Success Story

Shannon and Kylie smiling at the gym with Shannon holding up her progress report whiteboard while Kylie holds up a dumbbell
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  • I am so happy with the results! The stubborn fat has moved and I feel like my whole body shape has changed. My training & strength has improved so much. I feel much more confident in my body- little things make such a difference like not searching for an outfit that hides the bits I don’t like seeing. I have a diet that I enjoy and am confident that body is getting all the nutrition I need. Some training wins for me are:

    • doing a 5k run in under 30 mins
    • when I first started training I struggled to hang on the bar, now I can do the knee crunches (I don’t know what they are called?) and some slow down chin up things without the elastic band.

    I am so excited that I did this before Christmas and am not going into another new year thinking about getting into a better shape!!

    Kylie you have been amazing. I really think this challenge is excellent. The everyday support that I got from you is really the critical success factor for me. Even if I don’t hear from you, I felt like knowing that you are keeping an eye on everything I am eating is so supportive. I knew every week that I wasn’t wasting time doing something wrong, and for me that support & accountability is super motivating.

    The food program (minus the juice cleanse ?) doesn’t feel restrictive and showed me how I want to be eating – and that I can have a healthy relationship with carbs and eat to fuel my body. I loved how you just increased my calories and snacks when I was struggling with hunger.

    What was your goal?

    I wanted to loose the stubborn fat that had built up over time. To work towards having a body that looks strong & fit and be confident in knowing what I should be eating to support my body to train and be healthy long term.

    Why did you choose Ubershape?

    I chose the Ubershape 8 week challenge because the results I saw come out of the last challenge were amazing.