“Amazing breakthroughs”

Another Uber Shape Success Story

Jenny and coach Coby standing in gym smiling and showing off their biceps
  • Name:


  • Starting Weight:

    58 kg

  • Starting Body Fat:


  • Age:


  • Milestone Weight:

    55 kg

  • Milestone Body Fat:


  • I really started enjoying cooking and using lots vegies in creative ways. Also, I used to get frequent neck and upper back pain that could be quite debilitating at times, this hasn’t occurred once since I started training!!

    What was your goal?

    To get back into routine and increase my motivation to exercise ( because of my hip issues, I struggled to motivate myself as I couldn’t run/ walk distances anymore ). And most importantly, support my mate Dom ?

    Why did you choose Ubershape?

    Because of Dom, she had signed up to do the challenge and she spoke highly of all of you and the friendly culture.

    Uber Shape’s Summary

    Jenny has made some amazing changes. We often encounter clients that join our program with past injuries or potential road blocks. We love working around this and helping them break through and succeed not matter what. One of my favourite wins was when jenny shared with me she now loves cooking!!!