“Love Boxing Sessions”

Another Uber Shape Success Story

greg and coach coby at the gym in workout clothing holding a whiteboard with progress information
  • Name:

    Greg H

  • Starting Weight:

    103 kg

  • Age:


  • Milestone Weight:

    95 kg

  • Outcomes and learnings:

    1. Lightest weight in at least 25 years. Year 2020 lost 19kg (8kg in 8 weeks with drop in body fat of 8%
    2. Cholesterol <4 and inflammation markers in normal range
    3. Fitness and body definition increased
    4. Improved understanding of Food and how to achieve results.
    5. Healthy lifestyle habits built that will be for life.

    Also found out love boxing session – fav of the week. Being able to do this with my daughter has been great and will mean so much for life.

    Oh and I also learned that even though I have rheumatoid arthritis that doesn’t mean I can’t lift weights/exercise and food consumed makes a difference to the way I feel.

    Thanks again for your support and help. We still have work to do 2021 we’ll continue to keep improving!

    What was your goal?

    I needed to continue to see results the right way and with specialist help that would provide accountability and support.
    My four goals I set out to achieve.
    1️⃣ 9kg ⬇️ Waist 90 & Body Fat ⬇️7%
    2️⃣ Sustainable healthy lifestyle that reduced inflammation
    3️⃣ Increased fitness / muscle definition
    4️⃣ Increased mental resilience

    Why did you choose Ubershape?

    - Smaller group ‘PT like’ sessions
    - coaches that provide accountability and real support in how to achieve results personalised to your life circumstances
    - community of support and those that have gone before achieving great results

    Uber Shape’s Summary

    Greg's dedication is a true representation of what can be achieved. Greg's over and above focus to improve in something that he is not naturally gifted in has shown that, when applied, the system works. Great work, mate.