“Needed a challenge”

Another Uber Shape Success Story

Roger and coach Coby standing in gym smiling and pointing to the sign he's holding up which says he lost eight kilos
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  • Not only did I get the accountability, but I also received great support from both Coby and Kylie. In the classes I started to learn more about training. Not only did this help my own knowledge, but also helped my recovery from some lingering injuries.

    I now have tools moving forward that should help with the prevention of soft injuries. At the commencement of the challenge I was given 2 books. These both played their part in changing thought processes and bad eating habits. Coupled with the seminars I was given knowledge and motivation that I have utilised to help achieve my goals.

    At the completion of the challenge I had changed a lot of habits that weren’t serving me both with nutrition and mindset. I was able to reduce my stomach measurements from 104 cm to 88 cm, body fat from 21% to 15% and went from 82.2 kgs to 74.2 kgs. I have a lot more confidence now and am enjoying training. I also feel a lot more positive as I move towards my goals.

    What was your goal?

    After continually “ falling off the wagon “ in pursuit of my goals, I knew I needed a challenge and some accountability. I was looking to reduce my stomach fat and increase my overall fitness and mobility.

    Why did you choose Ubershape?

    I had made a decision to enter a challenge and I constantly saw Uber shape come up on Facebook.

    Uber Shape’s Summary

    Roger was one of my favourites. Roger had pain in both shoulders and his lower back. After 4 weeks he could see some great changes and relief. Roger was keen to smash it, we looked at the small wins and consistency over heavy weights.