“I love food now!”

Another Uber Shape Success Story

Rosa with a dumbbell and coach Kylie with a motivational whiteboard posing together
  • Name:


  • Starting Weight:

    70.3 kg

  • Starting Body Fat:


  • Age:


  • Milestone Weight:

    65.2 kg

  • Milestone Body Fat:


  • When I signed up for the 8 week challenge I wasn’t expecting it to be such a huge re-education of diet and lifestyle.

    Keeping up with the changes and challenges was much easier than I expected due to the educational component. I genuinely looked forward each week to the learnings that were ahead.

    My partner and I lost a combined weight of 13 kgs, and most importantly we’ve drastically improved our lives.

    What was your goal?

    I wanted help kicking bad habits and to make health and fitness more sustainable in my life.

    Why did you choose Ubershape?

    We chose ubershape because of its amazing reviews and proximity to our work.

    Uber Shape’s Summary

    Rosa & Andy are on an amazing Journey. Running a business and seeing the value in pairing that with health and fitness really helps them get the most out of there day.