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Another Uber Shape Success Story

Lisa smiling and hold up a progress report whiteboard with Kylie standing next to her holding a dumbbell and smiling at the gym
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  • I lost 4kg during the challenge and gained a lot of confidence to go to a gym. I had no idea how to lift any weights and now really enjoy going. I’ve kept up the healthy habits and my family is also eating my meals. I have a lot more energy and feel really good. It’s been such a positive experience for me. I really feel like part of the community!

    What was your goal?

    I wanted to lose some weight and learn some new habits. I was stuck in a routine of working too much, then kids activities and kids priorities, and not spending any energy on myself or my health.

    Why did you choose Ubershape?

    I chose Ubershape because I saw the results from my friend Dom. She changed so much physically and mentally that it was inspiring to give it a go. I thought I was more likely to do it if I had Dom there and joined up with another work colleague Bec.