“Sense of Community”

Another Uber Shape Success Story

Pri and Coby smiling and showing off their biceps while Pri holds her progress report whiteboard
  • Name:


  • Starting Weight:

    58.1 kg

  • Age:


  • Milestone Weight:

    52.8 kg

  • My success story: We all have to start somewhere, it takes patience, time and consistency to get where you want to get, you just have to make the decision to start! New routines, new habits…loving life!!! ❤️

    What was your goal?

    Exactly what the name says: to challenge myself by proving that I had the capacity, effort and discipline. To do it and achieve the results I wanted!!! To change my lifestyle and my eating/drinking habits.

    Why did you choose Ubershape?

    I have chosen Ubershape because of the amazing and knowledgeable trainers and the sense of community. Everyone supports one another in and out of the gym. They motivate you to keep going and trying harder!

    Uber Shape’s Summary

    Pri has been training a for many years and has a great base. If you have been training for a while, results don't fall off the tree and must be worked for. Pri was super focused and has create new lasting habits for years to come.