Supplements For Uber Shaper’s

Supplements For Uber Shaper’s

There is no denying the fact that in order to reach your physique goals, one thing that you need to be heavily focused on is making sure that you’re utilising everything you put into your body. Let’s look at the correct diet approach you should be undertaking.

The foods that you eat on a daily basis are most definitely going to impact the results that you see. It is crucial you realise and understand that what you’re putting into your mouth is either helping or preventing you from moving closer to success. Once you fully understand and accept this you can really start winning the war against body fat.

Q: Do we need to take extra supplements?
A: Yes. Unfortunately, the quality of food we eat these days is not as rich in vitamins and nutrients as it use to be. For example, there are around 24 nutrients that need to be replenished in the soil after growing any sort of fruit or vegetable. But guess what? Only 3 get replaced. This also applies to the grass which livestock eat. The missing 21 nutrients simply do not exist in our food. Of course if we eat 100% certified organic produce we’d be able to reduce this lack of nutrients. Unfortunately in reality not many of us have that opportunity. If you live on the Gold Coast check out your local markets. There is Palm Beach & Burleigh Heads on a Saturday morning & Miami on a Sunday morning. For all your meat sources check out Gold Coast Organic Meats.

With that said, there are plenty of supplements out there to provide us with those missing nutrients, some we need more than others. The confusing part is that there are so many different options available that it can be hard to choose the ones that will help you increase your chance of success. In addition to that there are supplements which will in fact not help you at all and will leave you unsure about what is right or wrong and most likely, out of pocket. It is true that supplements don’t come cheap so it is important that you make a wise investment. Let’s go over a few things you will need to consider.

The Key Supplements To Consider

Fish oil is imperative; it will keep your brain and nervous system healthy, promote good insulin sensitivity and help ward off disease. There really are endless benefits of taking fish oil.

Magnesium is another important supplement. This particular mineral is important for sustaining good nerve transmissions, muscle contractions, and metabolism. It will aid those of you who suffer from muscle cramps and if you find you have trouble sleeping or relaxing at night. Taking magnesium is perfect for you. As I am typing this email I was speaking to a client yesterday who was having trouble sleeping and there has been a higher level of stress in her life lately, so I gave her magnesium to have with dinner. She had the best night sleep she’s had in months. We prefer to use Gaba Mag by Trilogy  Sleep is so important and a great place to start with supplementing if you need it. It will aid those of you who suffer from muscle cramps and if you find you have trouble relaxing at night taking magnesium is perfect for you.

Vitamin D3:
If you’re like me and spend most days working inside and have pale skin, D3 is the next supplement you should be considering. As I don’t spend much time outside I miss out on my daily intake of vitamin D3 from the sun. D3 is vital for keeping your immune system b. Low levels of Vitamin D3 can cause a long list of problems, notably loss in muscle and bone mass.

Zinc helps to maintain testosterone at its correct level and is essential for building muscles properly and effectively. It is important to have a high level of Zinc to maintain homeostasis. Zinc also plays an important role in healing tissue. Note that Vitamin C and Zinc require each other for optimal absorption so it’s best to take zinc when you’re eating vitamin C containing food or drink.
Finally, I would recommend supplementing with Greens powder or Spirulina. For those of you who struggle to get enough vegetables in your day, this will be essential – it will ensure you are getting those necessary nutrients in your diet, every day. VitalGreens are loaded with antioxidants and will fend off free radical damage and spirulina is known to have the highest protein content in the plant kingdom. The more nutrients you give the body the more efficient your body is at processing and eliminating toxins, speeding up the fat burning process.
One very important factor in taking supplements is to check the quality. Australia has very poor regulation systems in place allowing cheap toxic ridden supplements to be on the market. For example, you can buy 500caps of fish oil for $20 – bargain right? Not so. These are almost guaranteed to be full of mercury and other harmful heavy metals. The same applies to cheap multi-vitamins. They sometimes have more additives than active ingredients! Manufacturers use cheap fillers and binding agents which prevent optimal absorption, if any at all. A good quality multi-vitamin will bind the nutrients with amino acids which the body can break down, this allows them to be absorbed as if it was food.

Ethical nutrients/ Metagenetics/ Trilogy are the supplements that I trust and use.

So there you have some of the key supplements I recommend you add to your diet program. They can each help you improve your progress in training and in maintaining that all important diet.

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