Gold Coast’s Top 3 Farmer’s Markets

Gold Coast’s Top 3 Farmer’s Markets

Have you checked out Gold Coast’s Top 3 Farmers Markets? If you are the food shopper of your household and are still shopping at the supermarket, this is for you. It’s so important when food shopping for your yourself and family, to get the best product for you, at the most affordable price.

Why aren’t supermarkets as good as farmers markets?

Sadly, the larger chain supermarkets aren’t where you should be looking. They aren’t the most well priced, freshest or healthiest options for fruit and veggies. Their prices are high and products are stored in fridges and freezers for long periods of time. This makes the product tasteless. It also means they are sprayed with higher amounts of pesticides to keep the bugs away and waxes to keep them looking good.

To make sure you are getting the freshest produce available head to your local farmer’s markets. The choices are endless with fresh, spray free and organic options available. All options are straight from the farm. This ensures products taste incredible and prices are far more affordable in comparison to the supermarket chains.

Spray free is a product not available in the supermarket that gives you a price in between fresh and organic and it will reduce the toxic load on your liver in chemicals. The organic products are quite simply much more affordable at nearly the same price as the standard products in Woollies.

Our favourite weekly local farmers markets are;

Burleigh Heads Farmers Market: Saturday 6am-12pm

These markets have a large variety of veggies stalls. They offer all options including; fresh, spray free and organic. Best of all some tasty breakfast options, fresh juice bars, and coffee stalls. As you start shopping there more frequently, you will start finding other products that you love. Like bulk buys organic Kombucha, organic bread, honey, healthy cereal blends, and meats. We love the local Burleigh Kombucha and now get our 1-litre bottles refilled every week, which is the same price as two small bottles.

Miami Organic Farmers Market: Sunday 6am-11:30 am

If organic produce straight from the farm is important to you than this is your market. It’s fresh, all certified organic and all grown interstate. They also boast a huge range of other organic products. This includes; organic bread, coffee, juices, smoothies, jams, cleaning products, pet food, cosmetics, honey, and eggs.

Palm Beach Farmers Market: Saturday

Rain, hail or shine these markets are open. They are one of the bigger farmers markets local to Burleigh. The markets have a large range of organic and spray free fruit and vegetables. They also have a large range of organic products like meats, honey, bread. Also lots of locals companies selling seafood, gluten-free baked items, flowers, oils and so much more. These markets also have live entertainment most weeks.

Make sure you head down, check them out and find your favourite market. Your health and your hip pocket will thank you for it. Once you make the switch, it will become a priority, and you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

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