Top 5 Habits Successful Clients Always Do

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If you were to ask me who the best results based clients are and why that is? I would put it down to some simple habits these clients do everyday before they train. These Top 5 habits successful clients always do will hopefully motivate and encourage YOU too!

Top 5 Habits Successful Clients Always Do

1. Be on time. 

To get the most out of your session, arriving late is going to put you on the back foot from the get go.  Right at the beginning of the session your coach provides instruction, demonstration, guides warm up & matches you up with your training partner for the day. Missing this may mean you miss the warm up increasing the risk of injury. You also disrupt the session for other members when the coach has to explain the session again to you.   

2. Get your body ready.

Whilst your coach will always provide guidance around warming up there are always benefits in additional stretching, foam rolling & trigger point stretches specific to your body.

If you’ve got tight traps, coming in early to use a trigger point is going to loosen you up & get the most out of your upper body session. Equally, spending a few minutes rolling out tight quads or hammies before a lower body day is going to have you moving better & able to lift more and feel great.

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3. Fuel yourself correctly. 

Everyone is different when it comes to ‘how having food makes them feel’ before they train. We recommend that everyone has at least something small around an hour prior to training, especially on strength days.

A snack such as nuts, avocado, carrot sticks & nut butter or even half a protein shake with some MCT oil is going to give your body much needed energy to train. If you are looking for an extra boost kiwi fruit, pineapple & apricots make a great pre-workout snack that burn quickly for energy but don’t have the lingering addictive quality that much other fruit sugar does. 

Caffeine can also provide a great hit, which is why our Gold Coast Gym has a coffee pod machine ready for you. Have a chat to your coach about what might be best for you.

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4. Drink lots of water.

Dehydration decreases strength & recovery. If you want to train at your best you want to be fully hydrated going into training. The general rule is 0.03L of water per kilogram of body weight (eg; 75kg x 0.03 = 2.25L) on non training days. Add an extra litre for every training session. 

5. Be present.

Leave the stresses of the day at the door before you walk in. Be clear on why being at the gym is important to you.  Be attentive. Listen to your coach. Move with intention. You have invested this hour in your wellness & you deserve to get the most out of it.  

These Top 5 Habits Successful Clients Always Do are definitely habits that you can adjust, add to or improve in your training schedule. Be sure to pick 1 to improve today.