Top 5 Supplements that really matter (don’t waste money on the supplements that do nothing)

Top 5 Supplements that really matter (don’t waste money on the supplements that do nothing)

We all have a few supplements sitting in the top shelf at home collecting dust. The truth is we have all been sold something we either don’t need or is not going to work anyway. Iv have also tried and used a large variety over the past years, so now I can genuinely share the ones that work. Let’s get into our top 5 we recommend and why…….. One more thing. Overall in relation to getting results you truly want, the harder you work Physically, and the quality of your Nutrition is what really counts. Supplements will assist in making you feel better so you can achieve this.

#1 Magnesium.
First and foremost, is to make sure that you are getting good quality sleep. The better you sleep, the better you will function during the day. I have highly recommended ‘Gaba Mag’ by Trilogy for years. It is a fantastic supplement that helps to calm the mind and the body, in particular those sore gym muscles, when taken at the right time. However, it is essential to be in conjunction with technology downtime, at least 2 hours before bed, including phones, tv and reading a good book. Its a must try to ensure fantastic sleep through the night, leaving you feeling amazing the next day for good quality training and life.

#2 BCAA.
For fat loss so there’s no such thing as a fat burner, but you can assist the body in recovery. The better the recovery, the better you can burn fat. This is best consumed with an electrolyte, for both flavour and hydration. This mix will also give the body more stamina during your workout. BCAAs can either be in a capsule or powder form, the main thing that you don’t want is fillers added like rice powder. Look at the ingredients and send them through to us if you aren’t sure!

#3 Electrolytes.
For energy and hydration, this is our go-to. Don’t buy sugar-filled sports drinks that contain up to 12 teaspoons of sugar when an electrolyte can do the job if not better. If you buy a good quality electrolyte, this will increase your hydration immediately by putting in sodium, potassium and Magnesium. If you are hydrated, you will feel energized.

#4 Super Fruits/Greens Powder.
People always look for stimulants such as coffee, Pre-workout etc. These are small boosts of not sustaining energy, leaving you to feel less motivated after they have worn off. To really be full of energy you should be taking a greens powder and/or some sort of superfruits drink. Combining them is optimal. It will really help you boost your mood and energize your body ready to train or to get through the afternoon slumps. The amount of nutrients that you’re getting per serve is equivalent to 3-4 cups of veggies, so lots of micronutrients – remember this has no fibre, so your veggies are still essential.

#5 Protein powder – Plant-Based or WHEY
Choosing a high-quality protein powder helps to assist in the amount of protein that you’re getting per day. A person in the gym should aim for 3-4 serves of protein per day. After training, protein shakes are vital as they are easy to drink, digestively they are faster to absorb, and they have all the amino acids for recovery. It also makes a great snack, plus it can be added to smoothies and pancakes to make sure you are getting enough protein. We have access to some of Australias best protein company’s with some very high-quality modern products out there now.

That’s a wraps up for our top 5 foundation supplement that we are using for our 8-Week Challenge clients, plus all our coaches use these as well daily. Get involved and give them a try, for energy, fat loss and sleep.

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