Über Fat Loss Smoothies 2.0

Introducing our Über Fat Loss Smoothies 2.0 Recipe Guide!

We give you a taste of 5 different fat loss smoothies, all part of our Über Transformation Program designed to help you look good and feel great on the inside.

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Are you time poor? Hungry for results?Download our FREE smoothie recipe guide – all recipes have been tweaked and tested to be packed full of quality ingredients, good for your gut and all boasting a delicious flavor.

Each smoothie has its purpose – from breakfast blasts to cleansing, muscle building to recovery, we have it covered.

Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Uber Shape Breakfast Blast – Our most popular, this is the ultimate breakfast smoothie. Perfect for the busy parent or time-poor workaholic that struggles to fit in breakfast. It wakes the brain and gives you steady energy throughout the day – as we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for fat loss.
  • Supermodel Green Cleanse – Our no. 1 pick for fat loss. Aimed to detoxify and alkaline, whilst ridding your body of toxins. It may not been the tastiest smoothie but we all know that eating anything ‘green’ is good for us (well.. most of the time)
  • Uber Recovery – The post-workout prodigy. This smoothie recovers and repairs your muscles, helping with all round recovery.
  • Muscle Builder – Packed full of protein and good fats. This lean muscle booster is recommended for the active individual, craving sustained recovery and energy throughout the day.
  • Inflammation Calmer – Helps to heal the stomach and GI track. Using colourful ingredients, it leads to faster nutrient absorption and greater fat loss.

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