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    Coby van den Ende – Director of Uber Shape

    https://www.ubershape.com.au/FollowCoby As Director & Founder of Uber Shape, I believe that creating your dream body & healthy mind is a journey and a matter of choice. We are each accountable for our lifestyle and should be wholeheartedly indebted to it, remembering that it is important to make the right life choices in order to reach your goals. I am a firm believer that we all have to take responsibility for what goes into our mouth, you can either blame and

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    Kylie Howker

    I believe that each person has to decide to make a choice with their own health and the health of those that they are caring and setting an example for. As a parent that certainly isn’t always easy. Life is full and it is easy to go for the method of convenience, making children happy, to fit in with the kid’s peers, to go through that drive through and order tuck shop. However, we are seeing so many health issues