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    Coby van den Ende – Director of Uber Shape

    https://www.ubershape.com.au/FollowCoby As Director & Founder of Uber Shape, I believe that creating your dream body & healthy mind is a journey and a matter of choice. We are each accountable for our lifestyle and should be wholeheartedly indebted to it, remembering that it is important to make the right life choices in order to reach your goals. I am a firm believer that we all have to take responsibility for what goes into our mouth, you can either blame and

  • 35A2318 700x512 - Carolina Fortes

    Carolina Fortes

    I’m a believer. I believe you should follow your dreams and you can get whatever you want. It can be related to personal life, achieving that dream body or to be healthier. The path is not always easy, many ‘things’ can get in your way.  You might be afraid but work hard and trust yourself. From personal experience, if you never chase your dreams, you will never catch them. If you are not happy, change. Do something about. The time is

  • ENN8055 Edit 2 700x512 - Kylie Howker

    Kylie Howker

    I believe that each person has to decide to make a choice with their own health and the health of those that they are caring and setting an example for. As a parent that certainly isn’t always easy. Life is full and it is easy to go for the method of convenience, making children happy, to fit in with the kid’s peers, to go through that drive through and order tuck shop. However, we are seeing so many health issues

  • IMG 2147 700x512 - Jane Briscoe

    Jane Briscoe

    What you love about helping people… For me, being a personal trainer is about producing more than a physical outcome. It is about instilling the discipline and commitment needed to create a permanent and positive change to someone’s life.  During my time at university, I have learnt wonderful the human body can be when trained in an optimal manner, fuelled with a wholesome diet and lead by a positive mind. However, ultimately the decision to make a change lies with

  • IMG 2565 700x512 - Jodie Cumner

    Jodie Cumner

    Hi, my name is Jodie and I’m an accredited Level 2 Run Leader Coach and am currently studying Personal Fitness. I have always loved running and I actively participate in many running events throughout Queensland, Australia and overseas destinations like China (Great Wall Marathon), New Zealand (Queenstown Marathon), Hawaii (Maui Marathon), Cook Islands (Round Rarotonga Road Race), Tahiti (Moorea Marathon and Half Marathon), and recently the New York Marathon and Las Vegas (Rock’n’Roll Festival). I run on the road and

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