What To Eat Before Training

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A common question I regularly get asked by people that train in the morning is: “What do I eat before training?”

Some common problems are:

No time to eat, no appetite, you may not feel like eating early in the morning and eating nothing at all is most probably the worst thing you can do.

We know this can be a problem as many of our clients are arriving at the gym around 5am-7am. It can be hard to eat and make time to eat at an early hour of the morning.

YES it is optimal to eat before you train. The perfect training session would be to eat a meal with some protein and fibrous carbs 1 -2 hours before training.

For all the team that train early and don’t have time to eat I would advise choosing 1 of the 3 options I have provided below.

Option 1: 1tsp of a greens drink in water with 1 tsp of coconut oil, OR either
¼ handful of almonds or macadamia nuts.

Option 2: Try our Uber Breakfast Blast Smoothie, Click this link. To receive 5 Fat Loss Smoothies.

Option 3: Eat a small portion of the meal you are going to have after training.

We find clients that eat before they train have a lot more energy & drive especially for weight training.

If you have more energy the harder you will train the MORE fat you will burn = BETTER results.

Studies show people that eat a “high protein & good fats breakfast” have more concentration and focus during the day and are also more productive in the work place 🙂

Give it a try and let me know what works best for you._35a3322_edit