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During the years of training hard, I have discovered that my body recovers best if I add in both salt and turmeric to my post workout shake.

I add in salt, not just any salt but good quality himalayan. I only add a pinch but the benefits if you’re a dedicated lifter, a runner or participate in a high intensity workout more then 3 times a week is amazing.

  1. Replacing salt helps to prevent dehydration

When a person sweats a lot they lose salt and water but the body does not recognise the salt that has been lost.

  1. Adding in salt will stop cramps

If the body is low on the correct amount of electrolytes to support muscle function cramps will occur. The sodium will support the nervous system and muscle function.

  1. Muscle growth

If the body’s salt intake has decreased, it will affect the fluid volume of your muscle cells. Therefore by having an adequate amount, it can increase muscle size by adding fluid volume.

  1. Increase strength

Having a pinch of salt can increase the extra cellular fluid levels to improve the leverage in joints, helping to lift more.

  1. Critical amino acids are salt dependent.

The amino acids will only enter the muscle cell when accompanied by sodium. 

I also add in one teaspoon of turmeric to my post workout shake to reduce inflammation. Inflammation is our bodies’ natural way to respond to stress. The body becomes aware that it needs to transport nutrients over to where the inflammation is. However if the body doesn’t have a long enough time to treat the inflammation between workouts, muscle fatigue can occur leading to muscle damage.

Curcumin is the ingredient in turmeric that blocks and turns off the inflammation. If the body has been pushed on a hard run, weight have been increase or circuit classes are being pushed harder, muscle pain will be felt the next day. If Turmeric is taken straight after the workout, it will start working straight away. It will help the person to recover faster, stop the inflammation in the joints and muscles and decrease the soreness felt after the workout.

Turmeric also assists with;

  1. Strengthening bones
  2. Flushing toxins from the body
  3. Weight loss
  4. Sleep patterns
  5. Reduce anxiety and stress

I encourage you all to add in these simple post workout supplements. A simple pinch of good quality Himalayan Salt and a level teaspoon of good quality Turmeric powder from your local health food store, will improve everyone’s recovery. This will also allow you to workout at your optimum performance level, giving the best results and outcomes.

By Coby Van Den Ende


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