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At Uber Shape I would love to see everyone of my clients at a yoga session every week. It is beneficial in so many ways. As a coach, here are my top 5 reasons why you should be doing yoga and how it will benefit you.

  1. Offset or balance out strength training. It’s can be easy to set aside time to smash your body to burn body fat or put on muscle, but most people don’t realise that the body wont get results if the muscles aren’t relaxed and the body is stressed with elevated cortisol.
  2. To fully take time to actually relax. Most people don’t know how to relax their body until they actually get told to do nothing. Whether of not you like the hippy yin yang side of things, completely stopping and feeling what it’s like to be still & calm when you’re not sleeping or watching TV is a completely different experience.
  3. Live longer and pain free. Science shows that people that do yoga once a week live longer. If you stop moving you will age faster, it is simply longevity through movement.
  4. Yoga is just not for the ladies. For the most part females have lower physically demanding jobs and are naturally more flexible, while guys generally have more active roles requiring lifting & movement resulting in a tighter lower back. Sometimes jumping in a class full of chicks isn’t the most comfortable, however times are changing and men are getting apart of it and seeing fantastic results in their strength training.
  5. Regain the flexibly of youth. As we age, movement of getting up and down off a floor or sitting down on the ground for long lengths of time is uncomfortable. This is because of an ageing body, the muscles get tight and become no longer flexible. Making sure we constantly move, stretch and build our muscle mass will keep your body young.

We love Gold Coast Yoga at Uber Shape & recognise it’s value in improving the lives of our clients.  We have classes at 9am & 6:30pm on a Wednesday.  You can book in via our app: 




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